TORAPA will find the Fellowship inKyoto , it is a tour group to enjoy sightseeing in Kyoto .

Let's enjoy the nationality regardless of Kyoto, the town walking .



17 Oct(Mon) afternoon 

Let's make  friends at the Fushimi inari tour 伏見稲荷で友達作り 


There are 30,000 Inari shrines in Japan. Fushimi Inari is the top Inari shrine.Fushimi Inari shrine has been ranked as the top sightseeing spot in Japan,the last few years,on the TripAdvisor site. On the tour we pay a visit to the shrine sanctuary,try a written fortune,write a wish on a wooden picture tablet, and try a fortune stone, then we will break up Yotsutsuji,along the way up the hill.On this tour you can enjoy Japanese culture like a written fortune or picture tablet( the prices are included),and share them with each other,and hopefully make international friends.After the tour finishes, we are planning a tea break at a traditional style Japanese cafe,if you have time,please join us.Since it's optional ,there would be an additional cost.




Meeting place:JR Inari Station

Meeting time: 1:30PM(Duration:approx.2 half hours )


Guide:Yuko Kishimoto  Book Now

8 Nov(Tue) afternoon 

Visiting Nijo Castle.

Machiya Residence cafe and making friends. 町家暮らし体験と、二条城散策


Visiting Nijo Castle (World Heritage Sites in Kyoto),and Shinsen-en, sweets break at a Machiya Residence cafe and making friends.



Nijo Castle is one of the World Heritage Sites in Kyoto. We will visit Nijo Castle and Shinsen-en which has a Heian Period garden south of Nijo Castle, then Have a break and eat traditional Kanten sweets at a Machiya Residence cafe "Hiyori". This tour provides a great opportunity to make international friends.



Meeting place:SUBWAY Nijojomae

Meeting time: 1:30PM(Duration:approx.2 half hours )

Cost:3500 JPY(Including: Nijo Castle fee,Kantensweets,coffee)

Guide:Yuko Kishimoto  Book Now